A must have lighting decoration for a true Bourbon lover. Handcrafted from 13 different Bourbon bottles after drinking them and filled with 500 LED copper lights on a vintage treated salvaged barnwood shelf with actual tree branch brackets. Plugs in and operated by remote with various light settings with a range of settings from on to flash to cycled dimming. A stunning piece of art
I bought this log cabin about a year ago from a little shop that builds primitive things and furniture. This cabin has amazing character . It has a mantle inside that you can hang things from or on top to decorate. It has a working front door . The chimney is built from all the ends of the tobbacobsticks and they fit perfectly. The cabin also comes with a little Christmas tree that has battery ...
This 116 Right Facing Blue Marlin Wall Mount is extremely realistic, including a custom painted eye, textured bill and skin texture that was captured during the molding process. Made of Fiberglass Reinforced Composites. Everything that is viewable when up on the wall is finished. Blue Marlins are known throughout the world as being one of the most prestigious fish you can add to your catch list...
I make these out of misc recycled items, mainly out of vintage automotivemotorcyclefarm components. They are heavy duty to withstand the weather, are bare, meaning that they arent clear coated or polished, so they will patina really nice. This is my first attempt to sell one. I will be making others posting them in the near future. Price is $75. Text is best way to contact me, 419-771-ninezeros...
Older model sewing machine in cabinet - in good working condition but needs tension adjustment service. Will meet to deliver.
I have over 30 wooden framed windows sitting in barn I purchased with house that Im cleaning out they look to be in good shape perfect for arts an craft if youre into that or whatever Ill take 200 for all of them.pick up only if interested call or text thanks.
A signed limited edition Rubin Crespi abstract mixed media print. C-Notes Edition 3 of 500. 24 by 50. Includes Certificate of Authenticity. Perfect condition.
Decorative artificial tree with decorations as shown. Can be used for any festive holiday or decoration. 6 tall. Comes apart in the middle for easy storage. Kept under plastic for dust free keeping.
Don Ensor Cabin Fever print - signed - frame measures 33 12 across x 28 tall - beautiful print
Don Ensor Past Times print - signed - Frame measures 29 across and 23 12 tall. Beautiful print.
Thomas Kinkade print The Power and The Majesty framed - beautiful large framed print - frame measures 35 x 39 - really covers empty wall - must see to appreciate
Gene Gray signed and numbered Print - St. Thomas of Assisi - is in excellent condition. $20.xz
I lost Kate Wilford as my best friend and future wife. I have no idea what happened. One day we are trying to figure out how to make our complicated situations fit into what we wanted so bad, that of being together and having each other to help through life....and then shes moved on to some guy who never loved her like I did, who never made her feel like I did and yet, although she says this to...
This is a large piece of hobby leather. The main piece measures 7 x 3. There are other pieces of crap. It is cowhide tanned to look like green alligator. There is a stain that looks like someone set the stain can on the leather. I made a bicycle banana seat out of a different piece. It was easy to sew by hand, so it isnt too heavy.
For sale is an assortment of nature pictures by Kentucky artist Nellie Meadows. Some are signed by the artist and designated Artists Proof. $75.00 or best offer. Call
Here are 3, gallon jars full of sea shells from the Florida coast. $20.00 Call
Colored engraving not a print of an engraving of dogs entitled, Four Kings and a Knave.Excellent condition.
Lords Prayer Cross. These are Laser cut from 14 birch. Available in several different colors or unpainted.Items shown are approx. 18 tall. Larger sizes available.
I custom made this a frame swing from landscape timbers. if you would like to have one made give me a shout . for $200 bucks . ill make you one . if you want a swing to go with it . the price $350.these are good for hanging flowers or bird feeders on.
made this for the front yard as a flower basket and changed a design. 75.00 obo
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